Oh, who wouldn’t love to have somebody to help them with all those little tasks and big decisions?

You enjoy the freedom and comfort of living in your own home.  What happens when things you’ve always done just aren’t easy or enjoyable anymore? What about those times when you’d just feel more comfortable knowing somebody was around to help you deal with a repairman or sort through a closet?

Sometimes you just need someone to offer a little help, provide a little companionship, or share some good ideas. You’ll find that someone at Seronda Senior Services.

Errands and Household

Here are some things you or somebody you care about may need help with. Feel free to make your own list before you call Seronda Senior Services!

  • “Honey-do” chores

  • Help to find and schedule a housekeeper or yard maintenance service

  • Sorting and organizing mail

  • Filing

  • Assisting with correspondence

  • Companionship

  • Pick-up and delivery of dry cleaning

  • Grocery shopping

  • Party planning

  • Taking the car to the shop

  • Testing smoke detectors

  • Changing batteries and light bulbs

Out and About

There’s so much to do! It’s time to call Seronda Senior Services! Let Seronda:

  • Find activities for you to participate in

  • Take you to gatherings, movies, or out visiting

  • Organize a weekly dinner out

  • Get you to appointments

  • Help with patient advocacy

  • Take you on a drive to see the sights


You might be ready for a smaller home. But what to do first? Just thinking about it can feel overwhelming.

Seronda Senior Services can help you:

  • Sort through your treasured memories

  • Pack

  • Make arrangements for transfer of services

  • Ask and answer those tough questions that come with big decisions

  • Notify people and businesses of your change of address

Planning and Pondering

Are you considering changes to your living arrangements or lifestyle? Or have changes occurred unexpectedly? Don’t let big changes turn into big problems.

Seronda Senior Services can help you:

  • Think through your options

  • Make an action plan

  • Research available services

  • Contact service providers

  • Consider future needs

  • Communicate with your family members

  • Make things happen