Aloha, I’m Ke Kai Kealoha, the new owner of Seronda Senior Services. The torch which has been a beacon for the San Luis County families for the past 10 years has been transferred to the respectful and compassionate hands of Ke Kai Kealoha.

According to Sue Prior, caretaker of Seronda, “When your job involves providing one-on-one care and support for senior citizens, it’s important to find the right fit—someone who is kind, caring, and offers a high degree of service. Ke Kai goes above and beyond in her commitment to her own clients—and now to the seniors of Seronda.” 

Allow us to care for your loved one with the dignity, respect and care they deserve. 808.348.6789.


Your peace of mind is a priority and Seronda Senior Services strives to give you the peace and confidence knowing your loved one is in good hands and will be treated with Aloha.

We look forward to earning your trust, respect, repeat business and referrals.  Let us help you help your elder family member find their safe, happy and Aloha place.


Born and raised on the Island of O’ahu, Hawaii, I am the oldest of three.  As the oldest, my parents raised me to always look out for my family with a watchful and conscientious eye. To treat my family and friends with honor and humility.  To revere the oral and practical teachings of our elders and as a result allow them to be in a safe and respectful space while in my care.

As an office manager, project manager, advocate, artist, friend and sister I am adept to a multitude of environments and scenarios requiring calm, resolve and compassion. Academically educated in Hawaii and California while my first-hand experienced was cultivated in Hawaii to the Continental US; in Tahiti to New Zealand to Micronesia and recently in San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay.

I am a caretaker with extensive experience in the service, marketing and retail industries.  I have worked directly with the public as an advocate, artist, athlete, business owner, front line administrative liaison, office manager, operations manager and project manager.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to sharing Aloha.

Mahalo and A Hui Hou