Sue is one of those rare intelligent individuals who looks ahead to do things to assist or make things easier for her clients and keeps the objectives in focus … a truly gifted person who sincerely enjoys being of service to her fellow man/woman.

Dick Ingles, San Luis Obispo, CA

Sue Prior is wonderful! In a time of need, she was there for us. She organized the bills, helped out around the house, and just did anything I wanted.

Not only did Sue handle everything beautifully, she was very agreeable and great to have around. I hope other people who need help call her. They’ll be very happy they did!

Arlene Talkin, Paso Robles, CA

Sue is a really neat gal! She shows up on time and helps me with everything. There are some things I just don’t understand how to do. It is so wonderful that Sue comes to help me take care of them. It’s extremely well appreciated.

Bonnie Derringer, San Luis Obispo, CA