Originally called Lend A Hand, Seronda Senior Services was started by Grover Beach resident Sue Prior. Before moving to the Central Coast, Sue and her husband Brad lived in Medford, Oregon. While there, Sue often found herself assisting seniors. She enjoyed the tasks, the sense of accomplishment, and the friendships she made. Before long, she’d built a little business of her hobby.

Upon moving to California, Brad continued his career in Environmental Quality with local government. Sue, who was supposed to be retired, got antsy. She missed the types of connections she’d made in Oregon.

Before long, Sue was out making friends and getting a feel for her new community. She soon realized that seniors everywhere share the need to have someone they can call on for help with errands, household chores, small tasks and big decisions.

And thus, Sue’s new business was born. If you or someone you care about needs assistance either occasionally or regularly, give Seronda Senior Services a call. Sue looks forward to meeting you.

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